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Characters – Sally

SALLY (LOUISE BREALEY) Kind and capable, Sally’s first priority is always the welfare of others. Unlike her partner Aiden, Sally’s more concerned with the here and now than grand theories and online rumours. The arrival of the Hazmats forces Sally to question her faith in both the authorities and the man she’s living with.  …

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Characters – Aiden

AIDEN (WILLIAM POSTLETHWAITE) A compulsive blogger and conspiracy theorist, Aiden is more concerned with his wi fi signal than the welfare of those around him. Dismissive of his neighbours’ theories, Aiden is much more comfortable online than in the grim reality he now finds himself trapped in. He’s always fantasised about exposing a sinister cover up, but not…

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Characters – Nicu

NICU (GABRIEL SENIOR) Sergei’s younger brother initially appears to live in a world of his own. He may not speak, but those watchful eyes take in everything; from the escalating tension between the hazmats and residents to his older brother’s growing capacity for violence.      

Characters – Sergei

SERGEI (ANDREW LEUNG) Volatile and dangerous, Mark’s neighbour Sergei quickly views the situation as a war between ‘us’ and ‘them’. When his Dad – a former Chechnyan soldier died, Sergei became a Father figure to his kid brother Nicu. Like his Father, Sergei sees himself as a leader- but his hair trigger temper and capacity…

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